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It's stories in the news about "The Great Barrier Reef" dying that make me want to push harder to consume less, reduce my footprint and help the world more. Below I created a list of ideas that's I work on.

I was motivated again by this article http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/10/asia/great-barrier-reef-coral-bleaching/  I found on CNN April 10 2017 shows shocking pictures of what the reef looked like February to April of 2016.  That's two months apart.

I've read that if the ocean dies we die.

On this website there are a great number of journals linking to anything and every thing you could want to know about the ocean. http://marinebio.org/research/projects/research/

Just for today take a moment to think about what you can do to reduce your footprint. Here are some ideas that's I've done:

  • Go paperless. 
    • Paperless billing is amazing. I get all of my bills in email. I use google calendar to remind me to pay them and then a separate on line billing app to pay them. 
    • I worry about all my financial information being on line I've created a second post on how to protect yourself here. 
  • Eat within 100 miles of your house.
    • This on can be hard to do all at once. I took it one step at a time and eventually I figured it out. I now buy honey instead of sugar, meat from the local butcher, veggies in season and have reduced my processed food intake greatly.
    • My biggest fail is coffee. Coffee is made outside of my 100 miles, it's grown in central America/Africa, eastern Africa or Asia and parts of Brazil. 
    • I did my homework and switched to a sustainable coffee, www.ravensbrew.com It's origins are Ketchikan AK and it's second home is Tumwater WA.  
    • The last few parts to this sustainable eating plan I have is to make my own bread (my butcher grows local wheat and turns it into flour). I also want to learn to can and grow my own veggies year round. 
    • We have chickens so we have fresh eggs, I personally couldn't kill the ladies so eggs are what we have settled on. 
  • Work from home
    • I had a work from home job and while it's over I'm working towards finding another one close to home. My criteria besides the basics of health care, dental and 401k, I have to be able to ride my bike to and from work. I believe this is attainable. 
    • If working from home isn't an option try busing it or carpooling. This is always the best time to finish knitting or reading a book. 
  • Carry your own grocery bags. 
    • I find canvas, purchased from local businesses keeps in the theme of sustainability and reduction of my footprint. I love my canvas bags. 
      • I have one bag that was made from the alpaca on the farm from the store I bought it from. It was felted and is a great bag. 
      • My other favorite bag is from an etsy shop, it's a Green Lantern reusable tote 


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