Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my first ATC and wow am I excited

A very dear friend recommended I join a group to do swaps. At first I thought I don't have time for this, cause being two graduations a few days apart in two different states and various activities in life. 

I finally slowed down enough to start making art again and joined the web page to participate in art swapping. My very first group I joined kicked me out (which is hilarious to me) because my profile wasn't filled in enough. the leader of the group was awesome, reached out and explained it all. 

Now we will be exchanging a 2.5X3.5 ATC of a favorite male character from Tim Burton.

I started a collection on Pintrest to see which one would work.  I still haven't decided but I did get the background down. Its a nice grey/blue, which is my favorite color lately. 

Looking over my board I'm starting to see a pattern with Jack Skellington. I think he's my favorite. 

I also love his Alice. so many choices. :) 

Tim Burtons Web Site

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reclaiming old boxes

I had these plain boxes, two of them I started decorating and the last one was just empty. 

Yesterday after work I attacked one with Washi tape and the other two with scrap book paper and Washi tape. 

Here's the outcome.

Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

an amazing weekend through pictures

This last weekend a friend and I went to Sedona AZ to escape the grey skies of the PNW. Living up here we only get 3 amazing months of sunshine while AZ gets it a lot longer. The weather was beautiful for being the first part of Feb.

I took a lot of pictures of all the places we visited.

I will say my favorite place was the home of the Sinagua. They are kin or sometimes placed in an umbrella under the Hopi Native Americans in that area.  On a side note, we didn't visit the Montezuma castle, we visited the site in the valley that required a little off roading to get to.

Here are a few from my smartphone

Snow on the Columbia River between OR and WA 2/7/14

Tuzigoot National Monument  


A view from Airport rock


This place really wasn't my kind of place (minus the awesome foods) structures were amazing and lovely. 

To read more about the Verde Valley here is a url that should give a good jumping point:

Bell Rock


Honanki Heritage Site

The Grotto Site

These pictures were of pictographs, the park ranger said they where over generations from 640 A.D. up to the first sitings of the Spaniards. 

This is the rock we saw hiking on Deadman Pass Trail looking at Boynton Vista Trail

This is sunset over looking Cathedral Rock

This is on Monday at the Church in the Hills. This is a catholic church. I had a very interesting moment sitting there watching the people light candles and pray. There was a very old fragile woman who had a head wrap, a cross, a picture and she stood at the cross a very long time, just praying. Everyone left her alone and no one went up to this area. This was the first time I think I've ever seen a group of tourists be so respectful.

"Her initial ideas for the church changed in 1950after she saw a church in France designed by the painter Georges Roualt.Lloyd Wright clung to the original plans and refused to work with her. So she approached the San Francisco firm of Anshen and Allen, who jumped at the chance to build the unusual chapel."
you can read more about the chapel here

All in all I want to go back and do the whole tour again.
Maybe this time take a week or two. hahahaha

Monday, October 7, 2013

My domain is no more, lettering

I let shawnmilesphoto go because I'm not making money off of it and I want to buy a new camera and new equipment. The list of stuff just go ones on. As Shakespeare so romantically put it "what's in a name?"

My name does not make who I am. 

My current projects include lettering with zendoodles. 

Here is the letter A

Here is the letter B

Look for more soon

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's all about me..

Since the diagnosis about my celiac and the change in my diet my face has lost weight. I stopped doing the "me" shots because I got so depressed and put on a ton of weight. I didn't want to see the reflection of my poor health in my pictures. My health really depresses me.

I feel better, not so depressed, a little bitter, but better.

I'm going to take the me shots back up and try to really do them this time.  No real goal other then beating back the bitter betty and once a week I'll post a picture - full body - of how I'm looking.

I want to be a better portraiture and I started this in the first place because I heard it helps.

This picture is roughly 4 years ago when I started being a heavy outdoors person. This is right about when I got real sick. The harder I pushed, the sicker I got. hmmmm lol.

playing with the iphone

Here is a link to the old set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/girlshawn/sets/72157625762173336/

Here is what I look like recently (I'm looking through the periscope at MOIA)

Needless today it's not going to happen over night, it's going to take hard work again. I'm older now and have more work between diet and motivation this time. 

I truly believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's not about being skinny, it's about feeling mentally healthy, physically better and just good in general. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tagging, organizing and cleaning up Flickr

Over the last several years I've collected pictures from hiking, friends and family as well as just random people, places and things.

I have not done a good job at maintaining the "photo data". If this was my day job I would have fired me a while ago. I started cleaning everything up and I don't have a plan I just look at a picture and decide where it should go. This process is going to take forever.

I've been thinking on this and decided to treat it like a project at work.
Identify the requirements - what are the common tags and so on...
Steps to accomplish the end result
start the process
mitigate any issues
and how can I prevent this mess from happening in the future.

I did figure I want all my art in one place as well as the projects they did.

Here is a link to the set for "MyArt"

My Art Set

Cherry Tree

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Senior Pictures ~ Amateur Photographer

One day I want to be the kind of photographer that makes a ton of cash on my skill. Today it is a hobby. I have to work at my day job to pay for my hobbies. I can't afford to quit, study photography and then launch a photography career. I have kids and health issues that make it close to impossible for me to quit.

I do believe however, where there is a will there is a way. One day I will be that person who lugs all their equipment to the top of Mt Baker, spends the night and gets a world class morning sunrise shot because I'll be that good. Until then I practice around home, Whidbey Island, and on the kids.

The kids have it in their minds that I'm some kick booty photographer that can do the senior shots and other amazing head shots. um... insert crickets here...

I do ok, I mean I barely know photoshop and haven't updated to the latest version so I started using Gimp which was easier then I thought. I still don't have the picture I want.

Every picture I took of the oldest kid is either too dark, his head is tilted the wrong way, the sky is blown out, or he is out of focus oh and my favorites - I don't think I can submit as a senior picture. They don't fit that mold.

geeze so today around 3 we will go out and try again. Just go to a tree do the arms bent then and I'll use a covered flash to avoid the weird glare.

Here are my favorite mess ups.