GERD - I feel like I'm underwater looking up

I read once if you change everything at the same time then you are setting yourself up for failure. Diet books I've read and the few nutritionists I've seen all generally agree on this topic. So then why do I feel like I'm all consumed and drowning in information?

I have to break this down so I'm not drowning all the time.

I decided start simple and track what I eat.  Its hard for me to use the phone apps because of all the little nuances so I'm going to keep a simple paper journal. The format will be:

I ate:     at this time and date:
I was doing and felt:
for example:

Today I ate 2 fried eggs in a tblspn of olive oil and a slice of swiss cheese. I had 2 packs of ritz cream cheese crackers and 12 oz of coffee with 2 raw sugars and 2 tblspns of half and half.
I took my time consuming it because I ate it while driving to work (1.5 hour drive through the back roads of the PNW with little to no traffic). I have heartburn.

I know why too, it's either the fried eggs or the ritz crackers. I need healthier habits for meals. 


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